Andy Murray takes Wimbledon. The Championships go cognitive


As the final balls are hit on Centre Court, NBC took a look at how Wimbledon is using analytics and especially cognitive computing in its pursuit of greatness.

This year, IBM brought in the cognitive power of IBM Watson, to enable Wimbledon to have first mover advantage on social media, to uncover emerging topics that can influence the discussion around the tennis and other sports this summer.

With so many other sporting events happening at the same time, such as European Championships, Tour de France and the British F1 Grand Prix, competition for fans attention is tough. So with the Cognitive Social Command Centre, IBM has been helping Wimbledon link editorial content to what is happening across the broad sporting area. This helps Wimbledon’s social media team to quickly recognise important conversations and create the content that helps bring sports fans to something that may be of interest to them around the tennis.

Conversations and emerging trends can help any business stay on the front foot, recognising a topic before it starts trending or an item of content goes viral. In other situations it may be around a customer service issue or a competitor announcement. Social is creating more opportunities for brands to engage but also a way to listen to the issues and successes that business faces daily.

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