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Business Connect

IBM continues to expand its Interactive Experience capabilities

IBM acquires digital agency Aperto

Digital experience is increasingly at the heart of banking and financial institutions. IBM has now announced the intention to acquire three major digital marketing agencies to expand our ability to serve our clients in this area.

Change speedier than we thought in Fintech


So BBVA take a stake in Atom Bank. That is certainly one potential strategy for handling banking innovation and transformation. We’ll be watching and listening with interest.


Fintech day at Business Connect

IBM Business Connect UKI

The weather in London may have been wet, grey and windy but the discussion inside IBM South Bank on the final day of Business Connect UKI was bright and invigorating.

Over 60 clients heard from and questioned a wide range of speakers from Lord Sebastian Coe, sharing his experience of organising the London games. Fidor Bank’s VP of Expansion, Sophie Guibaud showed us just how they are working with customers to make a better bank. Trevor Williams, Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank, gave a riveting and entertaining talk on the economy.

Thanks to everyone that joined the chat but special thanks to our #socialstars on the day, David Brear of Think Different Group; Chris Gledhill of Secco Bank.

Below is a summary of the social coverage from the day. We’ve already thanked many people but it can’t be said enough. Speakers and delegates brought this event to life with questions and tweets.

We’ll cover aspects of this in depth soon, but for now, we’d like to know what you would like hear more about, from this event – Watson, iX, customer experience, design, security or something else. Let us know in the comments.

Newton welcomes you to IBM Business Connect


UPDATE: Find out what happened


Join Newton, on November 19th, for an indepth discussion about financial services and cognitive computing at Business Connect in London. See what else is happening this week at #ibmbcuki.

How can financial services take advantage of the cognitive era? [maxbutton id=”3″]

Customer loyalty and trust are not what they seem

Bank note through paper weight

Do your customers like what you do? They bank with you; they borrow from you; they invest in you. So they should, right?

However, a recent study has indicated that customer loyalty is overestimated by banking executives. Only 48 percent of banks think they are doing a good job encouraging strong customer loyalty while only 35 percent of customers agree.

Likewise there are gaps in the area of customer trust – only 67% of customers trust their primary bank compared to other bank competitors.

There is a clear and visible gap between expectations of customers and the beliefs of bankers. For some, this will be a catastrophic disaster as they continue to compete on low-margin services, or get eaten up by new players entering the market, ready to disrupt and take advantage of an industry in transformation.

The IBM IBV “Banking Redefined: Disruption, transformation and the next-generation bank” study picks out one of the main issues. Customers don’t believe their banks are providing differentiated or personalised service, and for the most part, they would readily change banks. Here then is the opportunity for banks of today. Build deep customer relationships by expanding collaboration through their business and bringing in a wider set of partners.

If you would like to know more about building a world-class customer experience for your customers, come along to IBM Business Connect, November 19th, in London. You’ll hear from Matthias Kröner, CEO at FIDOR Bank.

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Register for IBM Business Connect 2015 – Financial Services Day


Update – event is now over but you can find out what happened here.


Register for the Financial Services day of the IBM Business Connect 2015 series of events.  We’ll focus on banking innovation, data and analytics, and regulation.

Compliance looms large for finance professionals today. Everyone is nervous about putting a foot wrong: hefty fines await those who do. But customer expectations are growing by the minute. Organisations face a dilemma. How to be smarter, more agile and more innovative than the competition – while keeping on top of the latest compliance demands? Every decision counts. According to IBM’s C-Suite Study, CEOs now consider technology the single most important factor transforming value chains and customer interactions. In Financial Services IT leaders have got to use insight to deliver advantage. Using the latest tools and technology is critical to keeping their business at the front in the battle for customer’s attention and business.

Join us in November to explore ways to turn regulation into opportunity – and to innovate between the cracks. Use insight to deliver. Also take the opportunity to discuss and engage with your peers and industry experts, plus Lord Sebastian Coe, will be joining us and sharing his experiences and perspectives that can have a bearing on some of the challenges and climate faced in Financial Services.